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A no frills, fast, out of the way Mac OS X screen capture app. Screener is designed to just get things done quickly. It works with customizable global shortcuts from anywhere. Unlike other screen grab utilities, Screener concentrates more on getting a picture or recording and less on being in your way.

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"This app does exactly what it says. You can make custom shortcuts to take any kind of screen capture you want (Full Screen, Selected Area drawn with crosshairs, Single Window), and send it to any destination... This has put an end to my screenshot woes! ScottCLT



Screener works from a small menu item. There when you need it and not when you don't.


As is true with all our software, Screener is fast and very efficient. Best of all it just works.


Screener allows completely customizable shortcuts that work from anywhere in the system.


Record your screen, with or without the mouse at 15, 30 or more frames per second.

Previous Area

If you've already captured an area, and you want to grab it again and again. Screener makes it easy.

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OS X Objective C Swift

Designed to work exclusively with Mac OS X using Apple's technology. Screener is developed using Xcode and on a foundation of Objective C and the speed of Swift.