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Our apps let you get some things so you can get on with your day. Screener will speed up your workflow with quick and out of the way screen grabs. For the students, Scripts will let you track your grades across many schools and combine them any way you want. Passport Photo is for the traveler or anyone who needs an identification photo.

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Screener Scripts Passport Photo

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"Best $ I've spent. This app does exactly what it says. You can make custom shortcuts to take any kind of screen capture you want...


"You know what's great? The fact that if this software does what it claims it can, it refutes what every academic advisor told me was possible...


"I paid $13 for a passport photo at Walgreens and hated it. I took my own photo at home against a white wall... watched the video where he shows you step by step how to use the program. Everything worked...

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Designed to work exclusively with Mac OS X using Apple's latest technology. Our software is efficient, non-intrusive and gets the job done. Our apps are developed using Swift and kept up to date to the latest OS X release.