When you just need to track your grades

For the students, Scripts will let you track your grades across many schools and combine them any way you want. Like to see all your grades at a glance? Maybe you're applying to a professional school. Just put in your grades and it will calculate your cumulative GPA for you. Scripts supports schools with unique GPA scales. You can also group any combination of classes.

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What people are saying

"I'm not one to frequently pay for apps and I NEVER leave reviews, however Scripts deserves it. First off, the app does exactly what it says it does. It's also the only app of it's kind... I have searched all over for a way to combine all my college courses to prepare for transfer... This app has been a HUGE help...


"You know what's great? The fact that if this software does what it claims it can, it refutes what every academic advisor told me was possible...


"I would like to thank you for your application. It has been very useful to me keeping track of my grades especially with cross institutional study across three degrees...

Thomas L



Clicking on any school, year, semester or course in Scripts lets you get some isight into it how much work you put.


With a beautiful interface, Scripts is designed so that you can see all the important information quickly. Just take a look.


Built using OS X's latest technology, Scripts is designed to be fast, very fast.


Scripts is designed to be within 1/1000th accurate in its calculations. It's even more accurate than some schools.

Custom GPA

Does your school use a non-standard GPA scale? Scripts supports that too.


Scripts lets you group together any number of courses from any number of schools.

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Made for the platform you love

OS X Swift

Designed to work exclusively with Mac OS X using Apple's latest technology. Scripts is fast and gets the job done. It is developed using Xcode and Swift, Apple's newest programming language. Scripts is kept up to date to the latest OS X release.