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An update list just so that you know where we've made changes. This is influenced by bug reports and feature requests from our users. If you encounter a bug, just click the support button up top and send us a message. We promise we won't use your email for advertisements and won't share it with other people.



  • Add new item popup window now improved.
  • Removing a year that contains courses no longer causes odd rendering.
  • Clicking on assignment grades and names now allows editing on first click.
  • Changing assignment grades and names is also more reliable.


  • Initial Release.



  • Fixed a bug that would prevent some screen shots from being taken.


  • Added High Sierra support.


  • Fixed a bug where selecting an audio source during screen recording can cause the recording to fail.


  • Added support for 15, 30 and 60 frames per second screen recording.
  • Removed ability to change brightness. This feature never worked well and is not supported by Apple.
  • Preferences window no longer is blank when it loads


  • Minor update for El Capitan support.
  • Added ability to have a Sticky shortcut key.


  • Support for different audio inputs including Soundflower support.


  • Sticky window now presents images at correct size.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Screener from detecting individual windows if the Dock is visible.


  • Initial Release.

Passport Photo


  • macOS Sierra support.
  • Support for iPhoto and Photos


  • Minor update for El Capitan support.

Up and Coming

Capture & The Mac App Store

A new app called "Capture" is in the works. The feature set is already in place and development has just begun, so we are still a long way off. Unfortunately, due to Sandboxing restrictions in the Mac App Store; Capture will likely not be released on the Mac App Store. What this means is that the software must be purchased directly from here. What this allows is better and faster updates. Also a much improved feedback system.